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Look what the Lord has done!

I had an opportunity to hang out with Revival Worship Movement at the Chesapeake Jubilee this past weekend. If you know me or have read this blog, you know I can go on and on telling our story. I have a lot of words to say! There are SO many layers to it and it’s actually 22 years in the making. It all started with a prophesy 22 years ago when God said “I will turn the heart of one around. Your prayers regarding his life will come to pass.” We’ve seen physical healing, family healing and heart healing. As I stood there during that worship song, I realized God didn’t want me to beef up our testimony with lots of words this time. This time I was just to share briefly enough to say “Look what the Lord has done!” I don’t think I’ve EVER summed up our testimony in less than 2 minutes, even with a random person at the grocery store. It was a simple message of hope. Thanks to Terrance Howell and Revival Worship Movement for giving us a chance to share what God has done.

Untainted Love by Revival Worship Movement is available for purchase at the following links!  Amazon  Google Play  Itunes  Spotify Tidalshauna


We have been so blessed each year around this time (each October our year resets and the medical bills swarm in until about January when we meet our cap) by an online fundraiser and The Semper Fi Fund helping with medical bills. One of my closest friends set one up again and I wanted to share the link here.  Even if you don’t donate, check out the gallery of photos of my amazing family.  I love the photos on there, I feel like they sum up our family perfectly!

Today Mike is doing well.  I’ve found the most perfect channel for him, its called “Velocity” and its all cars, all the time!  Anytime there is a 70’s model Chevrolet Chevelle on there he gets really excited because that is what he had in high school!  They seem to come on the Mecum Auto Auction show quite often.  Its really fun to see him get excited.  There are quite a few shows that restore cars too.  He really enjoys those shows.

Right now he’s watching a Christmas movie.  Happy Saturday everyone!

Click here to see the fundraiser!