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Because May is brain tumor/brain cancer awareness month…and because I look back at the last 6 years since diagnosis and say “Look what the Lord has done.” 

We aren’t any more worthy than anyone else and I don’t understand why I’ve seen so many amazing people lose their lives here in earth to Glioblastoma and why Mike is alive – I do know many lives have been touched and I knew in 2012 to start my blog so people could follow because I felt that God was going to use our situation for something big. I just felt like there was a bigger picture all along. I accepted the prognosis. I prepared, I planned a funeral, we made sure all affairs were in order. We found peace. I have gone through some lows and have been exhausted too, but 90% of the time in the past 6 years I’ve held strong.

Mike’s surgeon specifically told me not to even bother with a second opinion. That’s a huge part of my memories and a huge part of knowing God was in this from the beginning. I’m a people pleaser and I had to learn to stand up and fight back. To be an advocate for Mike and not accept just whatever I was told. His surgeon was amazing and I know every person we dealt with had a purpose for our lives. But I remember by discharge I already knew I was taking him to Duke and I had kinda asked the surgeon his thoughts on a second opinion at Duke or MD Anderson before starting treatment – he said no, not to even consider it. To contact a local doctor – which by the way, there is no a treatment that will cure GBM – chemo and radiation is just a way to buy some more months of survival. God put us on someone’s heart before Mikes surgery even happened!! She gave me a heads up on GBM and told me about how amazing Duke was before we had a diagnosis, I ALREADY knew that if I heard “GBM” that we were going to Duke for more options. She told me she knew Duke gave her extra precious months with her husband before he passed away. The Brain Tumor Center at Duke gives hope and options sometimes when other doctors don’t. Sometimes they just can’t, but I was told to get there fast (before starting any other treatment) for the best chances of having options. 

GBM is a horrible diagnosis. But it wasn’t a death sentence for Mike. Even if he would have died within that first year, GBM brought Mike into a place of eternal life. And not only Mike! So many lives have been led to God through this. CA71A330-7CDC-4F1F-A466-28CF909484E8

Avastin – Glioblastoma Treatment

Mike’s Avastin treatment went well yesterday with no surprises.  If this months round of chemo is going to bring his platelets down, the next week or two is when we will start to see that on the blood tests, so if we can do the next Avastin and Chemo treatment on time we will be thrilled.  His blood pressure is being managed nicely with the three medications they have given him.  I think his blood pressure was 120/80 yesterday so that made the nurses very happy.  

He still has aches and pains that require him to stay on Percocet pretty regularly, but as far as big health issues, this was a great week.  

Its driving him crazy not being able to drive.  And some days, its driving me crazy too!  I miss the days of sending him out for milk, or the days when he could just go somewhere to get out of the house on his own for fun.

He’s excited about this season of Tides games coming up, so if any of his friends want to go to a game give him a call and pick him up for a guys night out at the game!!

There wasn’t a lot to update, so that is always a good thing. Still fighting the battle with no signs of losing it.