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Glioblastoma Update

Mike is such a fighter, he always has been.  He perseveres even on the hardest days and he is steadfast in his fight for life.  I know that hospice can be a wonderful resource but Mike refuses to consider letting hospice come in at this point. I understand and I fight right along side him even on the days when I feel like we are flying blind and I have no idea what to do.  (Do we call an ambulance, do we call a doctor, which doctor – oncologist or primary care, do we wait it out at home, what if something happens and I wish I would have taken him to the hospital, but what if he gets admitted and wants to come home – he felt like a hostage last time he was admitted)  I feel like we are being propelled at a million miles a minute some days and I have no idea where we are going to land.  Its a scary feeling.

We opted to not do Avastin at the last appt and to instead focus on trying to get his blood pressure lowered.  Avastin is contributing to his dangerously high blood pressure and he is having a lot of swelling.  We will see the doctor again and possibly do the Avastin infusion this week.

Since the Duke trip he has not left the house for anything other than to see the doctor and once for church (which ended up being way too hard for him.)  Even though we’ve had some bad days, we have had some really great days too. The great days aren’t over.

I have been working on some custom jewelry for The Creative Bond and it has been such great therapy for me.  I will have more Brain Cancer Awareness jewelry ideas that I will be adding.  I will be adding a keychain too!   I’d really appreciate everyone heading over to “like” the facebook page to show support and share it with friends. 🙂

I don’t know if this Etsy shop will be something that I will do for awhile, or if its just a temporary distraction from everything else that is going on.  But for now its something to do that is giving me a distraction and giving me a creative outlet.