Morning after Mourning

Morning after Mourning is a concept I’ve known my whole life. I’ve always clung to “There will be joy in the morning.” I always knew that in the deepest of mourning, there would eventually be a morning. A sunrise of bright beautiful life. Since Mike passed away, grief has been lurking, but I have focused so laser strong on joy and happiness. Enjoying the moment. Filling every moment with something that felt amazing.

What I didn’t realize is that you can’t skip mourning. If we are to heal, we must mourn. Grief lives inside of us but mourning is the process of the outward expression; the process of release of that grief. Perhaps mourning is the motion and the flow of letting go of grief.

There is purpose in the pain. I’ve heard this term from several people over the past couple of weeks. If we do not allow ourselves to feel the pain then we will never fulfill the purpose of that pain. Sometimes we avoid pain at all costs. There are so many avenues in this life that we can turn to as an escape to emotional pain. I’ve had some dark days. I really tried to skip the whole mourning and pain part of all of this….I might be a little delayed, but I’m here. I took a break from vulnerability.  You all know me mainly as Mike’s caregiver. That’s really been my identity for the last 7 years. Now it’s time to find my true authentic self and my purpose in life moving forward. It’s time for me to take the time and intention for my deepest healing.


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