December 13, 2016

I’ve been so open from the very beginning with Mike being sick and it’s been my heart to help others through this situation. It is always amazing to hear that someone has been inspired and that my sharing has gotten them through a tough time. I’ve seen so many lose their husbands that I think I got to a place where I felt like I lost my right to struggle since I have the amazing opportunity to spend time with my husband every day. I still have him and that is huge. I choose to be thankful but I have to admit that this life is hard. I’ve so openly shared our ups that I feel somewhat obligated to share the downs to show the entire picture.

Let me just admit, some mornings I don’t know how I’m going to find the motivation and energy to face the day.

Some days life feels too heavy, too hard, too overwhelming.

If that’s you today, just know that putting one foot in front of the other and facing one moment at a time gets you through the hard moments. Then good moments happen again.

Hang tight for the good moments.

We were never promised that everything would always be awesome. I remember a verse hitting me so powerfully when I was struggling in the beginning of his diagnosis. I was sitting in the van with Kenzie while Mike was in treatment and I opened my bible app. John 16:33 was the verse of the day. I remember wondering why life was so hard. Wondering if we did something wrong somewhere along the way to deserve what we were going through. I think too many times people wonder what they have done wrong to be experiencing such a tough life. Tough lives happen to good people.

I’d appreciate some prayer warriors in my corner today holding me up. 💕

John 16:33 “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

2 responses to “December 13, 2016

  • kfowler1102

    The love in your heart speaks volumes. Having gratitude in tough situations keeps us going and changes perspective. Keeping you and your family in prayer. I read this quote and saved it for me, but maybe it will be for you too (it made me smile!): “Taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, its a Cha Cha!”

  • arlyn

    lots of love and support, hope you can feel the virtual hugs. You are an AMAZING person and by sharing your journey have helped so many of us get through the impossible, tough days. Never feel alone because all of us are here for you, to help you get through yours.

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