MRI Update -August 2016

Mike’s MRI came back clear. There were no new tumors and the cavity where his tumor was removed looked good. This is pretty rare as Glioblastoma is aggressive and typically grows right back. (Which is why he was put on hospice when we decided to discontinue chemo) By the time it is diagnosed, it has infiltrated the brain. Glioblastoma in itself is a terminal cancer whether or not it is surgically removed. It is so aggressive it just grows right back. This is very rare for Mike to still be here over 4 years after diagnosis. All of the damage in his brain has really affected his quality of life. I ask for prayers of continued healing and for restoration. We are in a place where we feel quite alone just because of the rare situation. We are both struggling with our current normal but there is so much to be thankful for.

6 responses to “MRI Update -August 2016

  • Cathleen

    You are not alone… We are another family in that “rare” category. Our “normal” is one that is unexplainable to others who live in normal. Grateful – yes. Sad and heavy – yes. Does God have this and us, and you – YES. Praying strength, joy in the midst of hard, comfort for those places that miss what was or what was hoped for.

  • Pamela

    You are not alone. Even for those of us who have not reached that rare state of long term survival and all that it brings, we are all facing what you have called “a beast” in GBM and we are all in that together. I go to your blog everyday for updates on Mike and your family. Your strength in managing this devastating reality and and your commitment to your husband are helping me as I struggle to find my own strength…everyday. Thank you for sharing.

  • Margret

    Dear Shauna,
    Wow, these results are incredible! I know that the whole situation with glioblastoma is really hard, but please never give up hope for improvements.
    May I ask if the tumor that was there when you started hospice is entirely gone? Or is it stable?

  • cindra Kidd

    I too have joined this horrid beastly club. We have six children and my husband has the aggressive GBM gene giving him 7 months to live.Within 2 months of surgery it has grown back 50%. This week they found 2 blood clots on his lungs and 1 on his leg. I am so darn sad and terrified. How does one remain hopeful?

  • gisela

    You are not alone. We are another family dealing with this beast.It will be 3 years from diagnosis on October 18. We go thru all those feelings that you so nicely are capable of putting into words.Your words are such a help and inspiration to others walking this difficult journey.
    Thank you for sharing.

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