Keep pushing through…

Sometimes it’s so hard to get a moment to myself that by the time I CAN leave the house, so much has happened that I’m a tearful mess and I just want to stay home. Pushing through the stress…I put makeup on through the tears, curled my hair, and I’m heading out the door thanks to a hospice volunteer sitting with Mike. What a morning.    

One response to “Keep pushing through…

  • Cathleen

    Can relate on every level. So glad you got out. Do not know you, but pray for you…as a fellow wife of “long term” GBM survivor (month 38 when given 12 -15mo survival of inoperable tumors). Our love and devotion is so strong for our husbands and family that we often go until beyond empty – and do need to refill. But ohhhhh how hard to get out the door without the heart being torn!

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