A funny moment

The aide and I were talking about my concerns that Mike hadn’t had a bowel movement and then she went on to start his shower. He was struggling to get into the bathroom to due to unsteadiness, but he got there and was saying how he wasn’t doing well. Referring back to our previous conversation she said “Have you tried a suppository?” Mike said “I’m not feeling that bad!” We laughed! He was on point when he heard suppository. He never did get in the shower that day because he was unsteady but he was sure to let us know a suppository was NOT in his plans. 😂 Brain cancer changes so much, I love to see his humor peek out some days.
Moments like that are the ones that lighten the sting of everything that is going on. Moments like that remind me of the funny guy Mike has always been. I miss so many things about him that just aren’t the same. I miss his sense of humor the way it used to be. He still has it, but it doesn’t have the same depth to it that it used to. 

Just wanted to share! 

2 responses to “A funny moment

  • Shannon Edmonds

    Your last paragraph was so perfectly stated. I lost my husband this past January. I was just thinking about how I miss his humor and during his fight when his sense of humor came out, how sweet it was. GBM takes so much away, but when you get those tiny glimpses of who they were it feels so good. Hang in there. have been following your and your family for about a year.

  • Leah B. Edwards

    Thank you for sharing, you are doing an amazing job of living each moment! Know many are praying for you, Mike and your family. Keep looking up! 🙂

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