Love people

Sometimes God speaks to my heart with humor.  I was driving down the road and I pictured getting to heaven and God saying “You had ONE job!” When I first pictured that, I thought to myself “What would that one job be? …What would that ONE job be that was so simple that I might have tripped up on?”  And it came to me.  LOVE PEOPLE.  Love those in your home who he desires for you to minister on a daily basis. Know what makes them feel good, know what makes them loved. And do that. Don’t overlook the huge job you have in your home, at your work, in your school to love those around you. Not everyone feels loved on a daily basis and you have an opportunity every single day to love.  Don’t let your circumstances lie to you and tell you that you can’t minister to people and that you can’t make a difference. Especially for us caregivers, I know we are tapped out.  We give our ALL most days and still don’t feel like we are enough.  God put you in the place you are in to take care of your loved one. I know how tempting it is to falter in belief in God during an excruciatingly painful time. I know we have moments of being mad at God.  With this awful illness, one thing that is stolen from us is excitement. We tend to dread the future and we face all sorts of hurts and pain. My friends, we were never promised a smooth ride with no bumps in our Christian lives.  I’ve had my moments of doubt, I think we all do. I will never forget sitting in my van one day with my toddler while Mike was in one of many doctors appts for the week. Our little one was in the car for hours and hours a day at the beginning of all of this while we drove Mike to work and back and to tons of appts each week. I was sitting there probably somewhat exhausted and overwhelmed and fearful of what was ahead of us, and I opened the bible app on my phone and this verse came to life for me…

John 16:33

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  It hit me and peace came over me. I wasn’t facing this huge mountain because I did anything wrong or because I wasn’t a good enough Christian.  I was facing this huge mountain because I am living in this broken world where broken things happen to us.  But in GOD through it all, I may have peace.  In God.  Not in alcohol, not in food, not in shopping, not in another person…in GOD I may have peace.

People fail us, we even fail ourselves and the ones that we love the most. God never fails. He never gives up on us, and He never ever stops loving us. And guess what? When people fail us?  Guess what we are to do? LOVE THEM.

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