March Update – FIFTH hospice recertification.

The doctor visit went well today to re-certify Mike on hospice for another 60 days. She said she sees an obvious decline since her visit 60 days ago with his cognition (thinking) and his gait (how he walks), but his mood was relaxed and playful while she was here. This was his fifth re-cert.  He was placed on hospice in January 2015. After 6 months (July) he had his 6 month re-cert with the hospice doctor.  After the initial 6 months the doctor has to come every 60 days to re-certify.  He has been on hospice for 14 months. There are no immediate concerns. He has a wide range of days from great to very bad, so it is a roller coaster still. The ups and downs seem to follow a downward slope though, his ups aren’t as high as they used to be and his lows dip a little further each time. The hospice doctor, nurses, social worker, health care aides and chaplain are all amazing. They are like family to us. We have a lot to be thankful for.

The kids, new baby, Mike and I are all doing well. I feel like I’m the ring leader of my own little circus some days, but I wouldn’t trade this extraordinary life for anything.  There are days that I get sad or frustrated about Mike being sick and there is a sting in my heart in the parts of him that we miss. Some days feel like a punch in the gut when situations arise that we would have faced together and now I’m facing alone.  But I remind myself of the joy we can find in each day,…and that’s what I focus on.  He used to love to do certain things like fishing, golfing, shooting, camping, etc….his brain can’t figure those things out anymore. But when his kids walk into the room you can take one look at his face and tell that there is no where he’d rather be. The new grand baby brings a whole new level of enjoyment to life.

One response to “March Update – FIFTH hospice recertification.

  • arlyn

    Hi Shauna,
    So glad to see your post – we appreciate so much your letting us know how things are. Wishing all of you as many joyful days as possible, and understanding the emotional rollercoaster you are on. Much love, Arlyn

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