Glioblastoma, hospice, DNR and….laughter and joy?!?! 

One year ago I signed the DNR for my husband as he started hospice. I never imagined that a year later our life would look like this. I’m pleasantly surprised with where our lives are today. Many of you know the horrible moments that come along with glioblastoma. We have those moments too, but moments like this remind me why we continue to persevere in our fight and why we stand strong in the storm.  I am thankful for moments of joy and laughter. I’m thankful for the many opportunities this year to show my family what it means to stick together and support each other through the good and bad. I’m thankful that most days I’ve remembered to not let fear of the future or the sadness that creeps in when I miss the past steal the peace and joy that is available today. 


One response to “Glioblastoma, hospice, DNR and….laughter and joy?!?! 

  • Cathleen

    Beyond beautiful – on so many levels! Thank you for sharing. My husband is just now entering month 33 of inoperable GBM – and your family has been such an encouragement to us to continue to lean in, and lean on our Lord!! Blessings and joy to each of you! (Which looks like are well covered with the precious new life in your home!!)
    The Rem’s

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