Christmas Baby!

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to update. Things have been crazy, as you can imagine. I’m so proud to announce that our Grandbaby was born on December 25, 2015!  She is 3 weeks old and we all love her so much. The labor and deliver went smoothly and our daughter was amazing throughout the whole process. I was able to be in the room for the entire labor and delivery because my sister, brother and law and mom all stayed at our house to take care of Mike and the other two kids. Another cool fun fact is that they came home from the hospital ON MIKE’S BIRTHDAY!  What a birthday gift!

As you look at these photos, I hope that you see God’s grace.  I’m so proud of our daughter for choosing life.  Becoming pregnant at 15 was overwhelming, but God’s grace has really been present through this entire situation.  We are closer than we have ever been as a family and we have more joy than we have ever had. I am devoted to guiding Kayla in  motherhood and making sure this sweet baby is loved and provided for. We’ve got this.

Mike was able to meet his grandbaby in the hospital and I will share the video that captured him meeting her. The very last few second is the best.

Another exciting fact is that this month we celebrate that Mike has been on hospice for TWELVE MONTHS!  Praise God!  He is 43 months PAST GBM DIAGNOSIS!

Caralyn Elizabeth Emmons born December 25, 2015. 7lbs 2oz, 19 inches long.


8 responses to “Christmas Baby!

  • arlyn

    Awesome. Much love to all of you.

  • journeyshare45

    Congrats to your entire family!! Your new addition is truly a gift from God and your daughter is so fortunate to have the love and support network from her momma and daddy and siblings too! Caralyn is a little beauty! Much love and prayers to you all.

  • tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime

    I was so happy to see this post. I have been checking the past few weeks to see if the new baby was here yet. She is beautiful. Your video made me cry. I loved it. Thank you for sharing these special moments with all of us.

  • homesbody

    Thank you for sharing your joy and happiness as you go through life changes, you are encouraging us to hang in there

  • Kathy

    Dear Shauna , have been meaning to send you a messagefor such a long time.
    First of all I wanted to say congratulations to you on the safe arrival of you new granddaughter – an obvious blessing to the whole family. I ,along with many others I imagine, was waiting to here the exciting news.Much love and life radiating from the photos. Secondly I wanted to thank you for you openness , honesty and faith in sharing your journey . I was greatly encouraged by what you said and sometimes didn’t say. Sadley
    my husband lost his battle with a GBM early January after 16 months at age 53. . And yes the tears still flow freely and yes it is a horrible disease but our God is a gracious God who gives us the strength to keep going and if your looking , will show his face at every turn . I’ve just returned back to work and it was ok . My kids – 16 and 19 are doing fine and are an inspiration to me as their help enabled me to keep my husband home for much longer than otherwise possible. So thanks again for sharing your story and giving us insight and encouragement . Much love Kathy

  • kathy weiner

    Congratulations on such a beautiful addition to your family! Christmas Day is a special day indeed, my sister was born on that day. Your blog is a gift to us, so thank you for sharing your life. I can see you are the rock that it’s all built on, and your strength makes the rest of your family strong. Thanks again for the glimpses you’ve given us.

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