I had more thoughts this morning to add to what I typed out last night. 

GBM gives us such a rare opportunity to really live out our vows as far as actively loving each other through the worst. I’ve always wanted to help caregivers not feel alone while also trying to be very careful to not make it sound to those with GBM like they are a burden.

For those with GBM:

As a spouse I can tell you that it is an honor to be the caregiver, and as hard as it is, I really mean that.
When I started my blog, the address was “healingandrestoration.wordpress.com” and I wanted to keep family updated while also sharing hope. I knew God was up to something and that it was something that someone needed to hear.
I feel like my family has received the healing and restoration that God had in store for us. Whether Mike will have his physical healing on earth or in heaven, I don’t know, but I don’t want the rest of his battle
to take away from what has already taken place. 

2 responses to “

  • arlyn

    Thank you for continuing to post. You are so articulate and by sharing, help us feel we are not alone.
    You and your family are always in our thoughts.

  • Cathleen

    …as the wife and caregiver of my amazing husband (inoperable GBM entering month 30)…THANK YOU for your honesty, insight, and reminder of what an honor it is to live out our vows…and for the reminder that we are not alone. Cat

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