All these countdowns until Christmas are really freaking me out reminding me that our lives are changing yet again very soon with Kayla’s baby arriving in December. Kayla’s pregnancy is going smoothly with the typical discomforts. She’s a trooper going to school every day and keeping her grades up so far. She is 27 weeks along, third trimester!! Mike’s excitement about the baby is bittersweet. He’s going to be the best grandpa ever. He desires so much to do more than he’s capable of. When we were talking about how tired Kayla will be having a baby and school, Mike said he would get up in the night and take care of the baby. He hasn’t figured out how to make a cup of coffee or even open a granola bar in awhile, so it’s hard seeing how badly he wants his brain to fully function for these things.

As far as a health update, there are still good and bad days.

We celebrated 15 years of marriage with a picnic at a nearby park.
Then over the weekend we went on an adults only camping trip, and that was refreshing for me.

This week his health is up and down. We spent a day doing yard work. We are quite the team. He wants things done and I do them. Lol

 But he has also spent a couple of days in bed. On Tuesday he was only out of bed for an hour all day, and today he enjoyed the morning outside but has been in bed since 3pm and it looks like he’s going to sleep through the night. I’m up waiting to see if he gets up for food since he didn’t eat today. His days are random. We remain thankful for the good days and we get through the bad days.

So that’s a scattered update on us! Thank you for continuing to pray for us. Obviously I’m praying for miracles, but also please pray for grace for each of us and for peace.

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  • Amy Parrish

    I enjoy reading your blog and I am so thankful for all these good days you guys have had and all those tender moments you and your family are an inspiration to many praying for you daily and hoping and praying there are many more good days ahead sending hugs to you!

  • Shannon Edmonds

    Praying for your family.

  • MariaMLT

    I hope that you also get some needed sleep. I know how precious and rare those moments can be too. You and your family are always included in my prayers.

  • Cece

    Thank you for your continued updates! I’m an avid reader of your blog. I stumbled upon it while searching for information on brain cancer when my good friend was diagnosed and I just want you to know I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Your faith and your optimism is truly inspirational and I believe it’s a huge part of why miracles happen. Your photos are incredible and I hope you order lots of them on canvas for your home! I’m sure you and Mike will be the most valuable support system for Kayla. It might be an adjustment but I can’t think of a better Christmas gift than a Christmas baby! Congratulations!

    Praying for you all

    • shaunaemmons

      Thank you so much! I was just looking around the house today thinking that I need more wall space for all of our photos. I order albums pretty often and we do have large canvas prints around the house!

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