7 months of hospice and fighting for abundant life!

never ever give up – gbm

I think this says it all. We aren’t giving up and we aren’t backing down!

Watch for photos in September of our week long beach vacation during the last week of summer before the kids start school! “Follow” the blog if you haven’t already so you don’t miss anything!

Life is exciting this month! We are blessed! Mike struggles and has bad days but he has good moments.

Please support my new business as an Independent Scentsy Consultant. I’m his full time caregiver but this might give me some extra cash for my family and give me something to feel productive about. As a new consultant I’m supposed to start my presentation with why I decided to become a consultant. Look at my personal stockpile of scentsy! That’s one reason why! I will be my best customer!! Haha

Mike enjoyed the party. There was cake. 😉


Scentsy Consultant

I also wanted to post a link to a video that Shutterly Sweet did for us of the gender reveal party!  I loved all the details she captured!!!

With so much going on, it’s a good time for an update. Kayla will become a mommy this year (she is 20 weeks and 5 days) and graduate high school early with an advance diploma, at 16 years old! Cameron starts high school this year and Kenzie starts first grade which will be her first year in a public school. I’m just busy…well… with all that. 😉 Kayla’s 16th birthday was spent getting Kayla’s makeup done, having lunch and then just hanging out taking photos and I wanted to share the photos I took. These photos make me want to do photography again.


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