Capture, Capture, Capture!

I was always the one behind the camera. I don’t have a lot of photos of me with Mike and the kids. Life was totally hectic and I simply didn’t think to ask someone to take a photo of us for me to be in the photos.  (I think there is more thought that goes into being in photos these days with social media, but I know there are still moms who avoid it because they don’t feel “enough” to be in the photos.)  This photo sums up my first 10 years of parenting pretty well!!


Schedule photos, round up the ones you love, and just decide to smile.  If you don’t like how you look in them, then tuck the photos away somewhere for the future.  One day when you can’t simply look over at your loved ones, (because even if they are blessed with health, they will grow up/grow away!) you will be able to pull out photos if you have them.  I really hope that you can see your beauty today.  One day you will cherish those photos more than you could ever imagine.  In one moment, the opportunity to take photos with the ones you love can be taken away. I know that everyone thinks it wouldn’t happen to them, but we never thought brain cancer would happen to us either. I’ve seen children die. I’ve seen moms and dads die.  I’ve seen it happen to amazing people. I feel so thankful that we have had more time than expected since his Glioblastoma diagnosis.

When Mike was in the emergency room on a Thursday in 2012 and was told that he was having brain surgery as soon as possible the next week, the first thing I thought to do was to contact a photographer and she coordinated hair and makeup professionals for me.  We were fortunate because Mike was able to leave the hospital after getting stable before his surgery so that we could make sure we had everything in order “just in case.”  There was a big to do list: power of attorney, update his will, make sure my name was on everything, his work logistics, etc.

But the first message I sent wasn’t about any of those things.  It was to Sharon Elizabeth Photography asking her to fit us in for a session and requesting Kristine and Chelsea for makeup and hair.  I wanted to invest in photos, and I knew that to feel my best I wanted to invest in hair and makeup also.  Since 2012 we have been blessed with such amazing photographers in our lives. I’m so thankful for each of them as they have each given me something totally unique and special to me capturing different times in different styles of photography.

Hard drives crash, media formats change.  Print your photos!! Every three months I sit down and upload at least 100 photos to have printed and to put into albums and this works well for me.

If I would have waited for family photos until I felt pretty enough…skinny enough…happy enough….energetic enough…motivated enough….financially able….or “enough” in general….then I wouldn’t have any of these photos.  This post is to encourage you to just do it!


Sharon Elizabeth Photography

This photo also hangs as a canvas in the room his hospital bed is in.



Shutterly Sweet Photography


Hayne Photographers


Hayne Photographers

aEmmons-191 copy

Will King Photography

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