June 9th – When you can start to make sense of suffering.

I wanted to add this video to my previous post, but it wasn’t up on the website yet when I published the post.

At 38 minutes and 30 seconds Pastor Michael answers “Why is there suffering? Why is there bad?”

The biggest impact in my heart were these words.  These words really made me want to dig into my bible and understand eternity and God in general at a deeper level.

“I can only understand suffering today, and you can only understand suffering, by really understanding eternity – forever. If I think walking on this earth is all there is, walking through hard times will never make a lot of sense to me. It just won’t.  But when I understand what we are talking about is an eternity, it begins to make sense.” – Pastor Michael Brueseke

To hear his heart regarding his uncle passing away from brain cancer, you can skip to 40:16.  But you know what? Just watch it all… It’s good stuff.


One response to “June 9th – When you can start to make sense of suffering.

  • Angie Wilson

    Hi there! I live in Tucson and my husband was diagnosed with a gbm nine months ago. I have been following your blog ever since then. My husband is 45 and we have two girls 16 and 10. We are strong believers and remind ourselves constantly that God is the giver and the taker of life and He will have the final say! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your honesty in the journey. I think of you often and pray for mike when you and your family comes to mind! Here’s to the journey and what God has ahead for both of us! All my love and prayers

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