April 1, 2015

I don’t know how to explain the fact that Mike feels better and worse all at the same time.  On one hand, he asks to leave the house about once a week lately, whereas he went months not having the energy to even care if he left the house.  On the other hand, almost every time he is awake he is saying that he isn’t doing very good.  The fact that he realizes that he isn’t well seems like an improvement to me in a way. It does make things harder for both of us emotionally though.  For so long it was like he didn’t even realize how sick he was or care at all about anything going on around him. He knows something is very wrong and its hard.  But anyways, today he asked if he could ride with to pick up our Kindergartener.  When we got in the van, he looked in the mirror and said “I look hideous!”  I offered to take him to a barber shop and he said yes.  So we picked up the little one and went to the barber shop and got him all groomed up. Of course I took a before and after photo! 😉



Our littlest one is doing really good writing words and sentences. She loves her whiteboard easel that she got for Christmas. She also loves Minecraft!  Daddy snuck into her room last night and got some snuggling.

2015.04.01IMG_9674bb 2015.04.01_MG_9971bw 2015.04.01_MG_9914b 2015.04.01_MG_9904b 2015.04.01_MG_9879b 2015.04.01_MG_9867b 2015.04.01_MG_9862b 2015.04.01_MG_0051b

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