March 30, 2015

There haven’t been any big changes. Some days he sleeps almost constantly in a 24 hour period, some days he surprises us and is up for 6-12 hours straight walking around. Some days he’s more confused than others. He still has decent days. He hasn’t driven in over a year and all of a sudden he is asking if he has a vehicle and not comprehending the answer.  He keeps looking out the window and asking if that’s our vehicle in the driveway, or thinking that the neighbors vehicle is his. There is a lot of anxiety.  He often wakes me up in the middle of the night to ask where the kids are and I have to reassure him that they are safe in their beds sleeping. His quality of life isn’t awesome. He doesn’t have the mental or physical functionality to do much. The brain affects everything – his thinking, his walking, his talking.  His symptoms have varied day to day throughout this journey. He went 6 days without being able to talk and then was all of a sudden able to talk again.  Any noise, chaos, or change is hard for him. If someone visits, he usually spends a day or two asking if they left because his brain can’t seem to catch up with what is happening.  We are going to try to spend a couple of nights at the beach during spring break.  If he isn’t comfortable we will just come back home.  It’s worth a try. He can’t walk very far and he usually refuses to use the wheelchair.  I’m hoping that just being in the room overlooking the ocean spending family time will be refreshing.   I am posting a little slideshow video of Mike and Kenzie from last week.

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