Keeping it real (I’m not always strong)

GBM Journey - USMC Dress Blues

Pulling his dress blues out to prepare them (dry clean, update stripes and medals) made me absolutely lose it emotionally. I went to a funeral home and picked out the perfect casket months ago with little tears and lots of strength…but when it comes to these dress blues….emotions are high and I crumble. The last time he wore these was in New Orleans to the Marine Corps Ball…one of my most cherished memories. I’m thankful I can hug him today. And I have no idea why I’m sharing this.

I want to make sure that everyone who is long distance knows that if they might want to travel here for his funeral that you should start making that decision and looking into logistics. I am not giving a timeline, but just know that it’s time to start thinking about it if you want to come and start thinking about if you have the means to do so. Being a military family, we haven’t always remained in close contact with everyone, but Mike cherishes so many of you.

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