Our Hospice Experience with Glioblastoma – The Hospital Bed

This past 32 months I’ve been able to stay two steps ahead of Mike’s health and have felt pretty prepared each step of the way thanks to others sharing their experiences and situations.  I knew that I didn’t want to bring a hospital bed in and throw it in the middle of the living room at the last moment when it was needed.  I was also hesitant to “take away” any of our beds and “replace” them with a hospital bed.  I knew an option was to put the bed in a general area of the house or to take our bed down and put a hospital bed in there.  But Mike still has many good days and usually is comfortable in our bed.  I also knew I wanted to make this whole process as peaceful as possible. Bringing in a hospital bed could have potentially been an emotional situation for Mike and the kids.  So, instead of taking away any spaces in the house, I moved our teenager into the garage and he now has a man cave complete with his bedroom furniture.  His room was also the room in the house with the best view of the lake.  The lake was the factor that won Mike over on buying this house.  All the room needed was a paint job, items borrowed from the rest of the house, and a few items purchased.  With help from my mom, brother in law, a friend, and her husband the job is complete!  We now have a cozy peaceful room in the house that is complete with hospital bed.  It meant a lot to me to do this.  It was a labor of love and great therapy for working through the process in a way that honors and respects my husband.  Mike loves it and its a space that brings us comfort.

There is a basket with photo albums and I am making a slideshow of photos to stream on the tv.


Since this room is for Mike, it is fitting to have some of his Marine Corps items in there.

He loves the view of the lake beyond the fence.  We put this fence up together in May 2012, and that is when his symptoms began.  I actually ended up finishing the fence on Mothers Day by myself while he was in bed for over 24 hours with a fever and he was feeling out of sorts.  We didn’t realize how sick he really was and it wasn’t until June 14 when we realized there was a mass on his brain.

__aIMG_8783 _aIMG_8883

“Don’t count the days, Make the days count.”

_aIMG_8877 _aIMG_8864 _aIMG_8862  _aIMG_8846

Such a cozy and comforting room!


Even the kids will feel comfortable lounging around and there is also space to bring in chairs for visitors.


The room gets a “Two thumbs up” from Mike!! We already enjoyed a lunch date in here and watched a few shows together and it is so very cozy.


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