The blessing of hospice

I wanted to update on hospice.  Hospice is going very well, I love the hospice nurses that come out. It has been pretty typical for the nurse to sit and talk to me for 45 minutes and then go into the room and check Mike’s vitals. This last visit was the first time Mike was actually awake when the nurse came so she sat at the table just getting to know him.  I am very happy that this hospice company works closely with Mike’s oncologist office, so we still are somewhat under the care of the doctor and nurses that we love so much who feel like family to us. The only difference is that Hospice is who I call, and the Hospice nurses call the doctors office. When Mike needs a prescription, it is still his same doctor making the decisions.  I used to call the nurses/doctor when I had a problem, so it brings me so much comfort that the hospice nurses are calling the same doctors office that we have been going to for over 2.5 years for Mike’s care.  I now have even more support.  Instead of feeling like we took something away, I feel like we have added.  We did take away the Avastin and chemo, but we have added more resources and people to make sure Mike is comfortable, and at this stage, it was the absolute right decision.  I spent many nights not knowing what to do and now I have someone just a phone call away, even in the middle of the night. I feel peace with the decision.

2 responses to “The blessing of hospice

  • Emma Heilner

    I don’t know your family except through your blog. I started following when my husband was diagnosed with GBM also on Aug 12, 2012. I want to say you have shown tremendous strength for your husband and family. They are so fortunate to have you and your strength. I feel you have certainly made the right decision in having Hospice come in for both Physical and emotional support. They are a wonderful help when it is needed most, unfortunately many people wait too long and try to go it alone. I pray for your strength to continue, comfort for your entire family. You are right to not give up hope as the final decision does not lie with us but in the Almighty who always makes the right decision for us. You show tremendous Love for your husband and family and in the long run that is all they need. Thinking always for your family and for God to keep giving you strength. I admire you.

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