Insight into the GBM rollercoaster..

February 2nd – Mikes health is such a roller coaster. After about 40 hours in bed, he’s up and feisty. Feisty is good. It’s so crazy how he will be barely functional and then bounces back. It makes me so thankful for the good days.

February 3rd – Too much roller coaster: I was so happy that he was awake and feisty yesterday because he had a rough 40 hours, and this evening he is unable to form any words at all, is confused and just makes sounds when trying to say something and gets agitated. I’m trying to get him to sleep but he refuses to stay in bed. He is dragging his right side worse than ever but refuses help and refuses to lay down. He’s wandering around the house very unsteadily as I stay close to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Thankfully my mom is here laying with Kenzie. Reality sometimes just sucks and isn’t pleasant at all. Praying for peace for my husband tonight…

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