December 2014

Last year at Kenzie’s preschool program I had to find a room to cry in because I was there alone and Mike was home not feeling well. I knew it was a good possibility that by the next Christmas (this year) he wouldn’t be with us. This year he isn’t feeling much better, but he DID make it to her Christmas Kindergarten program!! You can see the photo of her waving when she spotted him, and his proud face. The only reason he is dressed up and wearing a tie is because she had a secret shop at school where we were able to send her in with a teacher and a few dollars and let her shop for us. She picked out this tie for him (and a purple necklace and earring set for me that I also wore this day) so he was sure to wear it. I’m going to have this shirt and tie made into either a bear or pillow for her. I love these pictures so much because often in pictures he looks so worn down and sick, but he looks amazing to me in these pictures. Diagnosed in June 2012 – we are 30 months past diagnosis!!! Check out the blog for video of her singing solo! I am so thankful that Mike was able to come. I had been up since 2am worried about how he’d feel, how I’d get him and the kids all ready in the morning, and how he’d do with the crowds.¬† I’m so thankful that he was able to come and hear these sweet voices sing about baby Jesus.

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