Surviving Glioblastoma With Lots of Love

Our youngest probably doesn’t remember her Daddy NOT being sick, and she probably doesn’t remember her Mommy NOT being crazy. 😉  I admit, I rush around like a complete maniac some days from one room to the next trying to make sure everything is taken care of.  Some things matter, some don’t.  Some days the floors are filthy.  Some days I beg Kenzie to watch one whole show so that I can empty the dishwasher and maybe even cook dinner.  She will probably remember the laughs, the snuggle parties (that she coordinates and invites us to), and she will probably also remember the days that Mommy just didn’t feel like sitting to color because I was too busy worrying about things that don’t matter.  I’m working on that.  This weekend I will color more and clean less.  I will enjoy the snuggle party.  Through it all, I think she has learned a thing or two about love.  And that makes me so proud.

I captured some beautiful moments in the midst of the chaos and wanted to share.

Glioblastoma - FamilyGlioblastoma - Family Glioblastoma - Family  Glioblastoma - Family Glioblastoma - FamilyGlioblastoma - FamilyGlioblastoma - Moments

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