Another ER Visit – But all is well!

Before I get into the details, we are home and Mike is doing great. I still don’t have a phone, (broken) so no updates via call or text. After tonight I decided to go ahead and renew/upgrade with Verizon to get a new phone so I will have one in the next two weeks. I figured I’d just do my long update here since I can’t text. A little after 7 tonight Mike said he couldn’t see. That was scary for him. His blood pressure was 200/121. He was taken to the ER via ambulance and Kayla and I followed in the van. (I learned my lesson on driving separate after riding in the ambulance last time then needing a ride home) After arriving at the ER and before seeing the doctor he was able to see again and couldn’t remember it ever happening. His blood pressure went down to around 165/95 at one point which is the lowest his ever gets these days. The entire staff that we dealt with tonight was amazing. I’m thankful for that. We deal with things lightheartedly whenever possible, so it was nice that we could laugh and joke with the doctors and nurses tonight.
On a serious note though, the doctor said that blood pressure this high is dangerous long term for a healthy person, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t something they needed to admit him for…he said “because of the process that is happening.” If he was otherwise healthy, they would have worked on lowering the blood pressure, but in his case, he’s more comfortable at home. We just saw his primary care on Monday for the blood pressure and we are working on it and monitoring, so I was totally comfortable coming home and I felt like Mike is safe and not in danger. I joke to Mike that if we go to the ER he might be held hostage. I’m thankful that we are home where he is calm, happy and comfortable. He would have been irritated and unsettled in the hospital. With his short term memory issues, its really hard on him to be anywhere but home. I do take this into consideration as the hospice has been recommended. We just aren’t there yet. Not today anyways.
Kenzie was very excited that the firetruck and ambulance came to our house. She thought that was great. She said she can’t wait to tell her teachers tomorrow.
Lately it seems we have some type of a crisis daily, not only things with Mike, but in general. Praying for some calm and enjoyable days!! My nerves!

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