October – Glioblastoma long term Fighter!!

I am only one person and I am realizing I just can’t be everywhere taking care of everyone at once. My mom is a lifesaver stepping in and filling the gaps. Nina​​ and Melinda are also keeping me afloat. So thankful that I have a friend who will rush over and a sister who I can call for anything. (Who will also rush across state lines if needed!) I haven’t had a lot of time to respond to messages or comments. Life is messy but beautiful. Choosing joy and peace today and seeing blessings anyways. Mike is such a fighter. I’m excited for November because that marks 29 months of LIFE since his Glioblastoma diagnosis. He’s sleeping a lot but when he’s up he’s pretty much either laughing at me or making me laugh. There have been no improvements with his health but there have been great memories made daily. His cognitive skills and steadiness on his feet continue to decline.
We will have a very busy week next week with doctor appts, Avastin at the local doctor, and a long day full of appointments at Duke. Keep praying for us please! The kids, Mike and I need all the prayers you can offer to sustain us.

3 responses to “October – Glioblastoma long term Fighter!!

  • Linda & Filton Thibodeaux

    Praying for all of you continually. What blessings & testimonies you are of God’s grace & strength under unbelievable stress & circumstances! You’re walking & living out your faith every moment of every day when you choose to trust God’s time& plan for the future. Glory to God!

  • Paula Holland

    I would just like to say you and your beautiful family are such an inspiration.
    My father was just diagnosed with GBM a month ago. Has a resection the following morning after MRI showed a baseball size tumor in his right occipital lobe. Today was his first radiation treatment and chemotherapy. I’m so scared of what the future holds for him and my family. Just thinking about it breaks me down. Watching your videos and blogs puts a smile on my face. I know our time is limited, but we are holding on to hope. Looking forward to hearing more of the wonderful moments you get to share with your husband and children, making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.
    May God bless you and your family on this journey.

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