Well, scanxiety has set in full force.  The constant feeling of being on edge and unsettled. That nagging stress.

…I’m feeling it.

I love to post positive updates, but I’d be cheating everyone if I wasn’t honest about the hard days too. This is probably the most stressed I’ve been about an upcoming MRI since Mike’s diagnosis.

No rainbows and butterflies this post, sorry guys. Just reality.

His MRI is Monday, but since we will be at the hospital until evening I don’t expect his doctor to see the report and call us until Tuesday (hopefully Tuesday!)  We aren’t going to Duke but I will get a CD of the images in the mail asap and the doctor from the brain tumor center will call me and tell me what she sees and thinks for another opinion.  She already told me before that all other treatments are on the back burner to chemo as far as treating this.  We already know that chemo only prolongs life and doesn’t cure it.  There is no cure…frustrating.  And we already know that Mike has had all the chemo that his body can handle.  He isn’t even tolerating the Avastin as well.  He has only had half doses of Avastin every treatment since the last MRI.  We said we wanted a great summer and we got that, but somehow now it just doesn’t feel like enough time.  In the GBM world, we have had more time than most.  We are thankful for that.  That doesn’t make this any easier though.

Because of Mike’s memory issues, he keeps forgetting that the MRI is coming up.

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