Healing, Restoration and Miracles…

I don’t know if Mike will receive a physical healing, but I can tell you that God is definitely healing and restoring our family. I think this photo in itself is proof of healing, restoration and miracles. I don’t share a lot on the blog about individual relationships within our family, but if you know us, you know that we have had struggles even before cancer appeared. We have had countless beautiful moments together over the past 16 years and with the kids…but I’d be lying if I said it was all rainbows and butterflies. I like to think that we are somewhat normal in our struggles.  But anyways….this photo makes my heart smile.  I have never taken carefree moments for granted, and I’m so thankful for the peace.  I did get a photo of them all “smiling pretty,” but this photo was my favorite and says so much to me.


After I took this photo, Kenzie took my camera and started to direct Mike and I on how to pose.  She said “smile,” “be silly,” “be angry,” and then she said “be ferocious.”  That made me laugh! 


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