July MRI update and HUGE blessing announcement

I’m going to share this in the order that it happened by sharing my actual Facebook posts.  Mike had an MRI this morning, but I was not going to let that overshadow some awesome things that were happening.

I realize that the formatting on this blog post is all off, but it is past 2am and I need to get to sleep.  Please be sure to read to the bottom of the blog, there are quite a few white spaces on the page separating the pictures and paragraphs.


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.46.13 AM





***An update on the airline tickets – FIVE tickets were purchased with airline points!!! ***








Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.46.19 AM








**Donations have been made via paypal, and I have had several people contact me for my address so they could mail checks. Donations are still being accepted. God is SO good.**




July 22nd:  I did not give todays MRI a lot of control over our lives the past months and week. I focused my energy on other things. Its easy to let anxiety and nervousness take over a day leading up to the MRI’s and I didn’t want to let that happen. This was the scariest one so far, because it was the first one in two years that he had with no chemo. He stopped chemo in May, and only had one full Avastin and one half of an Avastin infusion the whole 8 weeks. So this MRI was faced with much courage and faith.


The measurement and arrow shows a new area of concern. You can also see the beast we have been fighting, it’s the lighter area of a cluster, in this photo. I don’t want to put my own spin, feelings or thoughts on it, so I am just sticking to the facts. The doctors words were “subtle enhancement” and the radiologists word they used on the report were “extension,” which basically means the area of the growth has extended to more of the brain.  So today we just face today and remain thankful that it’s a good day. Tomorrow will come tomorrow.

So back to the big exciting event that I had mentioned….we are having a vow renewal ceremony!!  This idea was brought to me as an offer by Kristine of Kristine Marie Makeup Artistry (I just had to call her out.  If you have been to my house this past two years and talked about my beautiful makeup in my larger than life photo on the wall, then you already heard all about her)  She had an idea to contact other local wedding vendors to donate their time, products and services!!  I have no idea what to expect, but I am so excited for this next step in our healing and restoration and for a chance to ENJOY LIFE and to LOVE and CHERISH each other!

I felt like this event is going to be so private and intimate that part of me didn’t want to share about it.  The other part of me wanted people to be encouraged and inspired when they saw how there are still many good, kind, and compassionate people in the world to do something like this for us. We aren’t any more special then others fighting this same battle, yet people have chosen to bless us.  I’m humbled.  I’m not putting a lot of thought or stress into this event, I’m going to sit back and receive the blessings.

So as I go to sleep tonight…(uh, this morning!  …yikes, I need sleep, but I really wanted to get this post written and published)…I go to sleep with a heart full of peace, love and thankfulness.  I go to sleep feeling incredibly humbled and blessed. It would be so easy to lay my head on the pillow and be full of fear and anxiety for the future.

Today, I will not be shaken.

Praise GOD.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone who has prayed, loved us, donated, etc.  We are not alone.  I’m learning this. Again.




3 responses to “July MRI update and HUGE blessing announcement

  • 44mom

    I am still reading your blog and its still making me see peace and love and hope. The days I feel sad about reading my glio I read your site and you warm me up. I am learning to live ,life ,love and laugh one day as each one comes.

    Sorry for my bad brain typing 🙂

    Please keep sharing your heart. What a wonderful and beautiful family.

    God bless you honey.

  • tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime

    I am so happy for your family that you are getting this special day. What wonderful memories for you and your kids to have. If I had any airline miles I would give them all to you. I hope you will share the experience when you feel comfortable here on your blog.

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