July 8, 2014 – Reclaiming Our Days with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)

Thankfully, this is a positive update.  Mike has been receiving Avastin every two weeks and we are trying to make the best of each and every day that we have.   I just wanted to share a few pictures again since we are doing well and enjoying our moments.   Mike still has the short term memory and cognitive issues, but he has more energy and is able to wake up every day.  That is a huge improvement from when he was on chemo.  Life as a caregiver hasn’t changed much as he still isn’t able to do the troubleshooting our minds do every day to prepare meals, etc.  Its crazy when you really think about the details.  We know that we want milk in a cup, so we know to pour the milk.  We know we need to somehow get cereal out of a bowl and into our mouths, so we know to get a spoon.  Mike’s brain doesn’t do that troubleshooting to know to pour the milk or to get a spoon.

But anyways, we can overcome those things together.  We are still in this fight.  Quitting chemo wasn’t an act of defeat, it was an act of reclaiming our days and Mike learning to live with terminal brain cancer opposed to sleeping the days away and feeling like he was dying from brain cancer.  There were days that he said he was done.  It was time to stop the poison of the chemo and to let him live purposefully again.  I have no idea what the future holds or what medical decisions we will make next week or next month, but today we know we have made the right decision for today.

___bwMG_7956-Edit ___bwMG_7964-Edit


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