May 27, 2014

We saw Mike’s local oncologist today.  His weight is down to 147.  His pain has been excruciating so I got a prescription for dilaudid (morphine equivalent, but he’s allergic to morphine)  These debilitating sharp pain head pains are new for him. He’s had bad head pain, but not sharp pain to the point of moaning.  He has to stop whatever he is doing and let the sharp pain pass.   I had to wheelchair him into the office for the first time today. We decided to stop chemo for now, we are probably also skipping next weeks Avastin. 

All medicines stop working with brain cancer . There is no curative medicine for Glioblastoma.  Medicines can work for a time, but they all stop working.  Prolonging life when there is quality of life is a good thing. But when there is nothing being salvaged in quality then it might not be worth fighting for quantity anymore. That’s what the doctor had to say today as I asked him his thoughts on quality of life, quantity of life, etc.  We are focusing on quality of life over quantity today and this week. We are trying to improve his quality of life by not doing the treatment, then maybe can try something else if quality improves. Without quality, quantity is pointless. We are also calling in bridge hospice, before committing to full hospice.

3 responses to “May 27, 2014

  • Linda & Filton Thibodeaux

    We continue to stand with you & your family asking for the miracle of healing for Mike. It is still possible & we know God hears every prayer that is being prayed for Mike.

  • Amy

    Sharing the truth hasn’t been easy but so glad you did & you are. 🙂

  • Mickey Michalek 👏

    Please don’t stop your posts or blog. Your stories and sharing are incredible. I can’t imagine a 2 yr point. Our group quit coming the first month and some never came. They live on same street or within a few mile radius. We have come to a point for us that we will just enjoy each other. Have had a few surprise visits today from old friends that helped so much. Doctors should do research on us! The caregivers that kick ass and step up! No matter what! We don’t have small children together. But grandchildren. Can’t even imagine. In pray they don’t get a bad opinion of the world or think that no one cares. It sucks so bad.

    Please don’t stop!

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