Spring Break Fun

The kids are on spring break so I’ve been doing my best to find a balance of having a really great time with them and letting Mike rest, but still being with Mike as much as possible.  We started out spring break at the oceanfront at a hotel room.  I thought it would be great to let Mike rest close to us while getting the kids out to do some things. I know that even a van ride with the whole family is a lot of stimulation for him, so I got two rooms so he could have space and quiet when he needed quiet.  He gets frustrated being in the house all of the time, but he doesn’t quite feel good enough to get out often.  So I thought a hotel room would be a good way to get him a change of scenery.  We cut that trip short because Mike is just more comfortable at home.  One of the difficult things were that we could hear thumping from the walking in the room above us, and any noise like that is an amplified irritation for Mike.  Noises stress him different than they do people without a brain tumor.  We did make some amazing memories and enjoyed it. Mike loves a good jacuzzi bath, so I was sure to get a room with one for him to enjoy.  Which reminds me, for the February Duke trip I had gotten Mike a really nice room with a jetted tub (the executive suite!) as a surprise, so I’m going to share that photo as well!  This surprise was really fun and exciting for him.

I hope to get back to Great Wolf Lodge this year again because the kids enjoy it so much and there is a bed available right there in the room so that Mike can be with us as well, even if he is just resting.  I took Kenzie and Cameron to a trampoline park one day, and then took the kids to Busch Gardens for a couple of hours another day.  I felt guilty leaving Mike home alone all morning and early afternoon for Busch Gardens, and we were very rushed while there trying to get back to him.  The lines were pretty long, so I was able to take Kenzie on a couple of rides, Cameron’s uncle took him on a couple, and Kayla and her cousin were able to walk around together.  Next time I will have someone check on Mike so that I don’t worry and rush as much.   Yesterday I took Kenzie and Mike to the YMCA, and that was enjoyable because Mike was able to sit and drink coffee while I exercised and he enjoys the heated therapy pool and hot tub.  Its always hard to leave the house without him because I feel guilty.  I just wanted to share some photos and give an update that we are having a great spring break.  Mike does stay in bed a lot, but we try to stay in the mindset of cherishing the moments that we do have.  I want to make his quality of life at home as enjoyable as possible, so I’m constantly daydreaming about building a deck, remodeling a bathroom to put in a jetted tub, buying him a massage chair, etc.  My mind wanders in so many directions at one time, I just want to give him the world to make him happier.  All he really wants is for the cancer to go away.  I can’t do that, so I try to think of any ways I can make him enjoy his time at home a little more.  I wonder if other caregivers do that…if they feel frustrated wanting to give their warriors everything they can think of that might make them smile, or if they are content to just be there.  I’m striving for that contentment, to just feel like simply being here for him and taking care of him is enough.


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