jeremiah29-11I am blessed to have an opportunity to spend every moment of every day with my husband.  I can honestly say that is a blessing. I’m thankful for the time.  I remember the weekends being chaotic and looking forward to Monday when Mike would go back to work, the kids would go to school and I would go to work or stay home with a baby and do housework – depending on that season in my life.   We are in a whole new season right now and we have no idea what season we are headed into.  So I will enjoy the season.  There are moments of chaos with the kids and him being sick that I feel completely overwhelmed, …but then I realize I will 100% miss this.  I will miss being pulled in different directions, I will miss feeling like I’m completely overwhelmed, I will miss these precious people that keep the house chaotic.  One day the kids will move on and have their own families.  And I will miss this more than I can imagine.

So when I say “Oh my goodness, he’s driving me crazy.  He’s home ALL. THE. TIME.”  I will remember to also say “Thank you, God.  I’m blessed.”

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