Home health update – Glioblastoma

Mike was discharged from Occupational and Physical Therapy with the home health company, but he resumes Speech therapy.  The main goals are reading and writing.  Really, he’s not sure if he cares to work on those things, but we are taking everything a week at a time.  With the occupational and physical, there just were no goals that they could set and meet.  He’s strong physically, he just gets confused and fatigued….and he can either do things or he can’t with occupational. It’s more of his processing information that is difficult.  There isn’t a lot to retrain his brain on with those aspects.  When dealing with damaged areas of the brain, its complicated.  He was worn out from the appointments and he was happy to discharge from them.  So thats the little update on that.  Life isn’t as hectic this week.

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