For the next 4 weeks we are looking at about 8 appointments per week.  I’m a little overwhelmed looking at the calendar. That doesn’t even count kid appointments! There are dentist and doctor appointments for the kids on the calendar too.  Its all good though.

Mike probably will be starting the two different chemo’s tonight which means that he will be on two of them simultaneously for the first 14 days, go down to one chemo for 14 days, and then back to the two for 14 days…that’s how the cycle will work.  He will have chemo daily for the next two months.  He had a 10 day break that is ending today, which is the longest chemo break he’s had in 20 months.   He has an appointment with the local oncologist today and we will verify dosage and such today to get that started. Hopefully they will get the dose right the first time.  He had a lot of problems with this one chemo (Temodar) last time and needed platelet infusions.  Today he also has an appointment in the infusion center for his Avastin infusion.  Well, first he has a physical therapist appt today…but, you get the idea.  Busy busy!

The protein in Mikes urine was 2+ last visit, so we are taking a 24 hour sample in today to have that tested again. Not too much concern there as of now. Its just something that is being watched.

His blood pressure has been great!!  There was a time that his blood pressure was a big concern.  He’s on three medications that are managing that nicely.

For now we fight with chemo…but we are definitely preparing ourselves just in case Mike makes the decision that he no longer wants to suffer from the chemo and treatments after the next appointment.  We realize that medically, there is only so much they can offer.   If it was a matter of these treatments curing the cancer and him having a light at the end of the tunnel, he’d fight like no one has ever fought before…but the reality is that they seem to be just holding the tumor back a bit, even with the aggressive treatment, the tumor has still progressed.  But anyways, you probably won’t hear a lot more about all that here on the blog. I don’t know what we will share and what we won’t going forward after that appointment.

I can promise one thing…we are holding strong for a healing. 🙂

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  • Linda & Filton Thibodeaux

    We are continuing to ask God for healing & restoration for Mikes’ body, soul & spirit. Praying for all the family for renewed hope & strength.

  • Maria

    I found your blog while searching for miracles. I will pray for your husband, your family and you. Please email, so I can share a story of hope any healing.

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