A peace that passes understanding

This was my facebook post this morning, but I really wanted to share it here too. 

Sometimes it’s important to share what God is doing in our lives. In my home, he is pulling my husband in closer and closer to know Him like never before and he is bringing us a peace at a level that is beyond understanding. He is bringing healing and restoration to areas that needed it long before brain cancer. He’s revealing Himself to us individually in ways we never thought imaginable. He is stretching and strengthening our desires to know him more intimately each day. He is showing me that whether my husband is healed on earth or in heaven, it will be glorious if we just keep our eyes and hearts on God. We have bad days and emotional moments, but God is carrying us when we do not have the energy to take another step on our own. He does give me more than I can handle in life, but its not more than HE can handle. It’s simple really. Decide to believe Jesus died on the cross. He already paid the price. Don’t pay the prices of pain and suffering when it has already been done for your life. Believe me, I don’t say that from a place of ignorance. We live pain and suffering on a daily basis. Hopefully that comment gets right past your mind and straight to your heart.

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