Surviving Glioblastoma – Update and Gratitude

Mike’s last Duke appt was relatively good news.  These types of tumors are so aggressive, but the regrowth that he had show up in June has not spread – so that is awesome.  From what I read, the life span after regrowth is detected is usually just a few months.  During the neurological exam there was concern because he couldn’t follow simple directions. (Put your left hand on your right ear.  She pointed to her watch and said “What is this?” and he couldn’t figure out the answer) But after looking at the MRI, the doctor was pretty excited that there are no new tumors and no growth on the current tumor.  She said it looks like it just might have improved ever so slightly.  Mike was a little bit like “What just happened?” after the appointment because the doctor and I were so happy but he didn’t quite understand that excitement since in his eyes all that he really found out is that he is to continue chemo and that he still has the brain tumor/cancer.  Understandable.  He is fighting an uphill battle.  I explained basically that we are so happy because he is alive, and that in itself means that he has already beaten so many odds at 18 months past diagnosis for GBM.  I also validated to him that I understand that his quality of life seems so bad most days and that I understand him not being excited like we were.

He had his 7 day break and just started 21 days of chemo again last night.  Most days he sleeps at least 18 hours in a 24 hour period, but yesterday he was up from 8am to 8pm!!!!  That was huge.

Also…how do I even say thank you to everyone who encourages us…I appreciate every single word of encouragement that we receive.  This week I have been really overwhelmed with encouragement and support. Just this week alone, I received cards of encouragement, help with the kids, dinners, cash and gift cards.  I am sitting here dumbfounded not knowing how to express my gratitude, but please know that I am thankful. I’m encouraged and my spirits are lifted. Even for those who are my facebook friends who I have never even met, when you take the time to respond to one of my posts with an encouraging word or with prayers, I appreciate that so much.  I have friends of friends bringing dinners…it is all heartwarming.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

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