Football Sundays….good medicine.

Today was football Sunday.  Football is a big deal for Mike so I made it a big deal for all of us.  I cooked crockpot Mac and Cheese, meatball subs, queso & chips, crackers & cheese, veggies, cookies….Cameron said it felt like a holiday because we had a few crockpots set up and really put some work into making the day special.  I guess my point is that we can make the best out of our situation.  Just making it a purpose to make it a day of celebrating life while hanging around the house watching football is something that took a little bit of extra effort on my part, but it was well worth it.  When my alarm went off at 6am I had to think twice about why it was going off so early on the weekend, but then I remembered my plan of getting to the grocery store early and making the day special.  Besides not having my wallet as my groceries were being rung up and having to leave my groceries and come back and ring them all up again, the day went smoothly.  lol  I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

This is a photo from Wednesday.  It was Mike’s first time seeing Kenzie at ballet practice.  The day wore him out, but I know it meant a lot to her that he went to watch her.


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