Throw Back Thursday! …A Surviving Glioblastoma Blog…

I never participate in TBT on Facebook when people post their old photos.  I just so happened to pull out my hard drives, and it just so happens to be Thursday.  I think back in August things were still pretty tender, and posting photos felt a little more personal than I was ready for.  But I was just going through them and thought I’d share photos from our Duke trip when Mike had his brain surgery by Dr Friedmann.

I miss this guy.  This is when he could drive.



And when he could read and focus…




These hotel stays aren’t really too stressful on me because I usually don’t have to juggle the kids, home and all that.  I just throw my feet up and its all about Mike during hospital stays.



This is part of how they map out where the tumor is in the brain.  Pretty cool!



His recovery time was amazing for this surgery.  He was released from ICU and the next day we walked around Duke Gardens.  You can see his scar in this photo.  Kenzie calls it his “curtain.”  She tells everyone Daddy has a curtain.  Daddy sleeps because he has a curtain.  Daddy is sick because he has a curtain.



We had to stay by Duke for a week in a hotel, so we explored quite a bit. I was working hard at getting him up and walking around each day, so we would go out and walk around in nature.  It was peaceful.



Oh you know, just my man. 😉




Trying to take a selfie.



Tough guy recovering from brain surgery enjoying nature.  This was less than 48 hours after his surgery.  The first surgery in June had him in bed, unable to function for about a week.  The second surgery was so different.


Being silly….






I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me!  These photos were from August 2012.

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