Glioblastoma ….and Depression?

I’m not going to say that Mike is or is not depressed….because he is dealing with Brain CANCER.  Thats rough. Its physically painful, and emotionally devastating. The treatment can cause fatigue and all sorts of physical issues.  To call it depression – maybe that is what it is – whatever it is or is not…In his words, he will often say that he is miserable and that he is “just laying around waiting to die.” He only gets out of bed on Sundays to watch football, and for doctors appts.  He doesn’t leave the house much.  Sometimes its because he doesn’t have the energy but sometimes its because he feels bored and just wants to climb back in bed. The truth is that he stays in bed a lot more then the doctors would like him to.  Staying in bed too much can cause you to lose muscle.  If you get weak then the chance of falling and hurting yourself is more likely.  Getting out of bed is key to keeping his body healthy, and it would definitely make a difference in keeping his mind healthy. Some of these blogs aren’t really an “update” specifically, they are more information for others who are battling.  So depression is just something I want you to think about and keep an eye on if you are taking care of someone with cancer, or if this is your battle also.  Feel free to give me any feedback in the comments section.  You may have insight with depression, or ideas on how to avoid depression.

Another thing I wanted to mention for the locals…Mike hasn’t had a friend visit in months and months.  He isn’t asking, but I know that it would improve his fight if he felt like people care and if he could have people to talk to.  So, The Saints game plays on the 27th.  If you’d like to come watch the game with him at the house, just get a hold of me and let me know so that I can (first make sure he showers that day! lol) and make you guys some little party foods.  I have two “Maybe’s” for the day.  I don’t want to push anyone to come, but I did want to reach out to those who have been thinking “Well, I’d really like to see him, but I don’t know how he is feeling and its awkward.”  He isn’t “himself” most days, but let me tell you…on football Sunday he was hootin and hollerin like his old self and I was like “wait, what the heck is this?!  Where did the sick guy go?”  lol  To come over and watch a game would be a good time to visit.

I wanted to throw that out there for you guys.  If you want to visit, you are welcome.  Just contact me and we can figure out a good day for it.  If it is preplanned we can make sure he sleeps until the time, and then he will be good and ready.

Keep us in your prayers.  Especially this weekend as we travel (the family of 5) to Kansas for a weekend.  Mike doesn’t do well with any inkling of chaos or noise.  He gets overwhelmed and irritable so quickly.  This is pretty much what other brain tumor patients are saying too.  Its like too many things are firing all at once and they can’t take it.  We have a housesitter and dogsitter, so the homefront is taken care of, but prayers for an amazing time of bonding would be great!


3 responses to “Glioblastoma ….and Depression?

  • Linda Thibodeaux

    Shauna & family we can only imagine how very difficult this ‘journey’ is for all of you as a family. You are so brave & it is obvious your courage & strength come from a greater source. Bless you for reaching out to other patients & friends & sharing your innermost thoughts, fears & challenges. Many are lifting you all in prayer & certainly your greatest friend is Jesus Christ who continually makes intercession to the Father for you. Praying Mike will have some good friends to share football with on the 27th.

  • tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime

    My friend and I were just talking about this this morning. Her mother is dying of terminal lung cancer. She doesn’t want to go anywhere and my friend commented that she is depressed and just waiting to die. My dad really didn’t understand that he was actually dying in the last few months of his GBM journey. My mom didn’t talk to him about it and lay it all out for him. I seriously don’t think he wanted to know when he could understand, and then in the end he didn’t really understand anything that was going on. I can only imagine how scary it is for your husband and anyone going through this disease. Have you thought about getting him on an antidepressant or Ativan for anxiety? The Ativan really helped my dad. My mom refused to think he was depressed and never asked about antidepressants. I knew I needed them dealing with it all, I imagine it would have helped my dad too.

    My dad only wanted silence towards the end. Any loud noise or chaos really irritated him. The last week was absolutely silent pretty much around the house. It was hard. My sister did read to my dad and he enjoyed that. Maybe your kids could read quietly to him.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I check your blog regularly and see you on the facebook group too. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Jen

    Hi shauna, my husband also has glioblastoma. I just wanted to write and say thank you for your blog. I think and pray for you and your family often. I know that this is terribly hard. Stay strong. You are doing a great job. I agree with the antidepressant suggestion. And maybe you can find some other things besides the football games that are also motivating. I am thinking of you…

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