October 2013 – Glioblastoma Survival

All of the images were not on the MRI CD, so we have to mail the doctor another. From what she could see, there has not been any new growth. The previous tumor is still there and is still inoperable because the tentacles are too widespread of an area of his brain.  They would just have to remove too much of the brain, so surgery just isn’t an option. With glioblastoma, there are often these finger like tentacles that spread quickly and embed themselves into the brain. Like a jellyfish.  Overall is was a good appt and overall Mike is doing well.  There are little things that he struggles with. He can’t really make out letters to read and write because of the damage to his brain.  He gets by ok scrolling around on the computer and clicking on things, but its hard for him to actually read the words.   He also has a hard time with other little things that we take for granted – like where a light switch or doorknob would be located, (getting out of the van is tricky for him sometimes) how to use his bank card when running into the gas station quick, or making quick small decisions.  These are all things that we can work around and we are thankful that 16 months after diagnosis, he’s still in the fight.  He does have days and moments that he seems totally fine! The odds were against him to be alive today, so I rejoice.

As far as moving forward…his platelets were low so we will keep an eye on them.  As soon as they are back up, the chemo will be resumed in the 21 day on cycles, and 7 days off.  He is fatigued often and chemo-brain is frustrating for him.  Its not a walk in the park, but it could all be a lot worse.




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