One step at a time – Surviving Glioblastoma as a family

Kenzie was up late last night so I snuck out this morning for a walk alone to clear my head after I got the big kids off to school. Then I woke Mike up (who often is in bed until noon these days) and encouraged him to do the same. He didn’t love the idea but I convinced him and he’s out walking by the lake with the dog. One small step at a time keeps us moving forward in life.  Have a blessed day everyone and take those small steps. Whether its literal steps for fitness, business, school, relationships, learning more about something that you are passionate about…keep moving forward! Those little steps make a big difference down the road. That’s what was on my mind as I walked. Everything has been at a halt this year for us and our focus has been on getting through the moment. I’m ready to look to the future, even if its one small step at a time.

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