Random updates, nothing big.

Today was a “primary care” appt followup.  Mike has 3 appts this week, I think people don’t realize how absolutely chaotic our lives are right now between local cancer doctors, primary care doctors, veterans affairs doctors, and Duke drs.  We have a huge team we are working with.  Then I have the kids in counseling, so that is a whole other set of appts that keep me on the road, on the phone, and my face in my calendar to keep it all organized. 

 The dr today didn’t like that Mike’s blood pressure was 138/90….um, hello….we are rejoicing that it is under control from a couple weeks ago when it reached 199/121!!!  I totally understand that with so many doctors, they don’t all know whats going on with the other doctors and treatments, so this isn’t a negative comment towards the doctor.  They are all doing a GREAT job with each of their pieces of this craziness we are going through.  I was just caught off guard when he wasn’t excited with the improvement.

On another note, yesterday was another “primary followup” with the veterans affairs doctors, and the head nurse took Mike aside and PRAYED with him.  She said God is Mike’s best hope.  True that!  I love it when people stop to pray, especially in the medical field where it probably is frowned upon.  Doctors, Medicine, and God.  We are using all the resources available and praying that God is leading us to the right doctors at the right times for healing.

Avastin treatment is scheduled for Friday, lets hope his body cooperates and the bloodwork gives us the right numbers to stay on schedule!! 


One response to “Random updates, nothing big.

  • Symyra

    The Holloways are in constant prayer with and for Mike and your entire family!! Know that we’re always apart of “The TEAM!” Smile

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