January 31, 2013 – Surviving Glioblastoma Update

Another trip to Duke has come and gone.  I will update with praises and prayer requests….


– We are so thankful that Mike’s scan was beautiful.  Nothing abnormal came up on the MRI of his brain. The cavity still looks clean with no regrowth, and there were no signs of any new growth anywhere else in his brain. 

– He passed a driving evaluation.  The doctors said that he seems to have the vision and reaction times for safe driving, but they told him to use his best judgement as far as how he is feeling each day and to make sure he really overcompensates for the vision loss on the right by scanning as he drives.  (So it looks like we can start shopping to replace his totaled truck.)

Prayer Requests…

…The vision loss that was discovered 7 months ago will only come back with a miracle.  That part of his brain is just not there any longer.  

…Balance, focus and short term memory issues. 

…Low platelets.  We aren’t sure if yesterdays low platelets meant that his body is on its way up from a small dip, or on its way down.  We will know more after a blood test tomorrow.

…Because of the low platelets, Mike was not able to get his treatment today.  The Avastin infusion and chemo has been postponed until his platelets go above 100 again.  We were really hopeful that this lower dose this month was going to be easier on his body, but he is having a rough time with it still. 

…Because Mike is unable to receive Avastin as scheduled, they are threatening to kick him off of the clinical trial.  This was probably the most unexpected news that we got and the news that shook us the most.  Emotionally we decided not to “go down that road” and go over all of the “what ifs.”  We have truly felt from the beginning that this clinical trial is the best weapon to fight this glioblastoma.  We have one more round to see what the decision will be and then we will go from there. 

Thanks for all the prayers,



3 responses to “January 31, 2013 – Surviving Glioblastoma Update

  • Laura Ellington

    I just got such an overwhelming feeling of relief and gratitude towards God after reading this. He is so good. May the good news keep coming. Still praying!

  • Symyra holloway

    When prayers go up blessings come down! Thank you God for the no growth and the driving again Passed test. Now we are praying that his platelets will increase and he can stay in this wonderful program. We know He is able!! Kudos to you and God Mike!! Love, The Holloways

  • Gwen Spence

    Thanks for sharing your story with the world. That helps you to get through because so many people are praying with and for you. I am glad to hear the news that is posted. Keep trusting God for Mike’s healing. I know God is able even if he doesn’t do what we want. He is able!!!!!! Keep the faith day, no, minute by minute. I love your family for their courage and for your courage to keep trying. I am glad that you can drive some. That means a lot to someone who is ill. I know, my husband is.

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