Feeling positive

Mike has been dealing with fatigue, but we were just talking today about how it seems like the more days that go by after the chemo, the better he seems to feel.  We have to remember that in 5 months he has had 2 brain surgeries, radiation and chemo, so fatigue from all of that is  normal.  I know he hoped to feel better by now, but I really do feel positive about his recovery!  We are expecting that each month the chemo will slow him down a little bit, but we can look forward to him feeling better and better as time goes on.  He did sleep quite a bit the last couple of weeks, but these last couple of days I do see a big improvement.  Both Mike and I have struggled this month with “why isn’t it improving faster?” Each step along the way we have thought “now it will get better” and then he seemed to feel worse as far as fatigue, and then he got in the accident which really just felt like another kick while we were down.  He had no injuries though, so for that we are thankful and we are moving forward!  I’m driving Mike to and from work for now, and where ever he needs to go.  He is probably capable of driving, but I want him to have rest.  I know working is tiring, and I just don’t think its safe for him to drive feeling fatigued like he has been.  Me driving him takes one more stress off of his plate, even if it is just the stress of driving in traffic feeling tired.  These last two days I do see him feeling better and it is refreshing!  I’m reminded that we have to just walk through it to get to the better days.  Chemo might knock us down a little bit each month, but it is a necessary step to complete healing and restoration!  I really honestly believe that God’s still got this!  It is a roller coaster so there will be bad days and good days, but I believe that we have A LOT to look forward too!!

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