At the last Avastin infusion appointment two weeks ago, Mike’s platelets were at 80, and then last week at Duke they were 90.  This week they needed to be over 100 to continue with the next phase of treatment.  I started researching and found that a healthy diet can make a difference.  I still didn’t know if we could bring them up over 100 though since they haven’t been over 100 in over a month, but it was worth a try. Mike said that if the way he was feeling was any indication, he didn’t think the results were going to be favorable.  I don’t know if it was a coincidence, prayers, or if the diet really did help, but his Platelets were 157 today!  🙂

He had his Avastin infusion this morning and will start his new dose of Chemo this evening.  The last Temodar (chemo) dose was 160mg and this cycle will be 420mg for 5 days so its quite a jump.  Hopefully taking it at night will allow him to sleep through the worst of it.

Mike really feels like this cancer is kicking his butt lately.  I tell him that we have to “walk it out.”  We are in the middle of it but we just have to keep walking it out and get through the storm.

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