Day to Day with Glioblastoma

I’m happy to report that Mike has had a great couple of days!  I’m doing everything that I can do help him feel better.  I feel helpless at times, but there are things I can do – such as prepare healthy foods, try to keep the kids quiet when he’s resting (ha!  That one is harder.  The three year old isn’t fond of “quiet”)  And just by trying to remain up beat and positive and fun.

Here’s a peek into a typical breakfast smoothie that Mike will have for breakfast.  Kale is a superfood that will do all kinds of good for Mike’s body, so that is the first ingredient in the smoothie.  His potassium is low, so banana’s get thrown in too.  Berries are great, but this specific morning I added mango and strawberries.  Wah la!  A delicious healthy green smoothie!  Kenzie loves them if there are strawberries involved.

I’m also cooking him lots of Broccoli and fish among other things.


One response to “Day to Day with Glioblastoma

  • Gwen

    I am praying for you recovery. You are in God’s hands and I believe that one day you will be healed. Mike hang on, Go will see you through. Do what your wife says so you can be better.

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