Glioblastoma Survivor

Four months after diagnosis…two surgeries, one round of radiation and chemo…and a GOOD REPORT after today’s MRI at Duke!!  Praise God!

The exact words today at Duke were “You have a beautiful brain.”  lol  He will continue with treatment as planned having Avastin every two weeks and 5 days of Chemo every month because so far this clinical trial is successful treatment for Mike!!  His next MRI will be in about 2 months.

Here is a photo of the MRI from today.  You can see the cavity where Mike’s tumor was in the bottom right of the photo.  There are no tumors and no inflammation.  The little white blob near the cavity is the fatty tissue that Dr Allen Friedman placed in his brain from Mike’s arm so that he could safely implant the gliadel wafers without the medication traveling into Mike’s ventricular system.  (the opening between the tumor and the ventricular was the reason the first dr did not implant the gliadel)

Mike thought this Gliadel brain model in the office was the coolest….

2 responses to “Glioblastoma Survivor

  • jen

    Wow what a wonderful sight to see! Our God is a mighty God! Love u guys.

  • Symyra

    My God! My God!! HE is such an AWESOME God!!! Praise be unto HIM!!
    Mike, I thought I had a testimony….Geez! Yours definitely top mine! Now I’m gonna tell my story and yours and give God all the glory and the honour that comes with “our stories”! The Holloway’s will continue to pray for you and your family! In God We Trust

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