October 25

There are so many people that love Mike that can’t be here with him day to day, so I want to try to keep everyone updated as best as possible.

Its really hard to share this experience through a blog.  Its never an easy thing (for us at least) to admit weakness, pain or sorrow.

Why do I blog?  Several reasons….

People love Mike and want to know how he is. I knew it was impossible for me to call each person with updates – especially in the beginning when all of my time was spent in the hospital by his side.

We were unable to find much information on other peoples personal stories with this diagnosis.  I have hope and faith that Mike will be a long term survivor, and I would love for this blog to be encouraging.  God never intended anyone to fight anything alone.  (I know this, but I still have a tendency to fight alone – I withdraw and keep to myself when I am struggling, so this blog is a huge stretch for me and is so out of my comfort zone!)

When I sit down to blog, I think about how I want to keep the post encouraging and uplifting…but we struggle too…and its ok to admit that because morning always follows mourning.

I feel so confident today that Mike’s MRI will come back clean on Tuesday. I have had days of fear about it, but today I feel like everything is going to be ok.

I can tell you why…..

Jesus already paid the price for Mike’s healing.  (Isaiah 53:5)  As believers, we are entitled to healing.  In the New Testament, all who went to Jesus were healed!

  At the beginning of this diagnosis, Mike and I would pray and ask God to heal Him “if it was His will.”  I think that prayer lacked the faith that is so instrumental in healing.  I don’t always have the level of faith that I’d like to have, but I do have people around me that have been praying for Mike daily and are already thanking God for the healing that they believe Mike has already received!  I would love to walk in that level of faith every moment of every day.  I try.

How do we receive healing?  … Know that it is God’s will to heal you.  Repent from sin.  Forgive.  And that means forgive yourself, and forgive others.

I like this song.  If anyone is having a bad day (bad week, bad month?) consider this phrase from the song that I’m posting below… “’cause the pain that you’ve been feeling…It’s just the dark before the morning”

One response to “October 25

  • brenda Jarmusz

    We have been praying for you all Shauna and we have kept the faith that God will heal Mike. He has great plans for him and for you both and this entire thing is meant to bring you together and closer and stronger in your faith and be able to help others, I know this because its done this in my own life with breast cancer. We love you all and are here for you in any way we can. I’m not good at computer stuff or emails and I finally got this to work or I’d be writing all the time lol but you all are all always in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless!! Love you!! Love momma Jarmusz

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